Saturday my friend and I visited the San Francisco Zoo to mess around with our cameras. This is probably the first time I’ve gone to the zoo ever since I’ve taken up photography on a more serious level, and I’m happy with how some of my shots turned out although I don’t think I’m much of an animal-type of photographer that is unless I’m shooting homo-sapiens. Hardy har har. Lame joke.

Upon entering the zoo, my friend exclaimed, “Is that a real giraffe!?” He said that seriously. You should have seen the expression on my face. I was greatly amused. Anyhow, we got through the zoo in 2.5 hours, and we stayed 30 minutes passed closing too! Fun times … fun times.

Question of the day: If you got locked inside of the zoo, where would you hide out? My answer … find me at the giraffe’s barn. They seem rather harmless, but I am probably wrong. They’ll probably eat me alive!! Ack!

Now on with my photos …


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