I miss you, Seattle.

Last December my good friend and I visited Seattle. It was our first trip ever together, and I was stoked to spend time with him and to visit a place in the winter where it actually snows! Time for peacoats, scarves, earmuffs, mittens, thermals, and boots. We stayed at the Sheraton in downtown and just walked everywhere. The planner in me created a list of places we could hit up; I can’t help, but be super organized. Ha. The ironic thing is that in the middle of our trip, I accidentally left my list at one of the community computers at our hotel. Whoops. No one ever said I wasn’t absentminded!

It was a great trip all in all.  Some highlights of the trip included seeing a car slam into a parked car while we we were walking back to our hotel after dinner, freezing our butts off on top of the Space Needle, dining with my Seattle friends, touring the Microsoft Design Studio (thanks Sean!), being able to use my employee badge at the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame to get me and a guest in (score!), dining at  Purple Cafe and Wine Bar (too bad both of us don’t enjoy wine though; what a freaking waste), having the best seafood bisque at Pike Place Chowder, and watching late night scary movies.

I should change this blog title to . . . I miss Seattle.

Enough jibberish. On with the photo series.

The sun is hitting just the right spot.

Veggies galore!

I love me some seafood.

First Starbucks ever.

I swear, he’s not posing for me. Okay, fine, I told him to pose like that.

On top of the Seattle Space Needle.

The view is much more pretty up top.


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