Can I have some Philz?

Sunday my out-of-town friends and I visited Philz Coffee in the Mission. Supposedly it’s the best coffee in the city, but I wouldn’t know since I don’t drink coffee, and if I do . . . I drink it with lots of sugar. Anyhow, we got stuck at Philz for a good few hours because it was pouring dogs and cats outside.

I got 1lb of Tesora Medium Roast for my coworkers too. According to their website, the Tesora is described as, “This blend is the godfather of all blends, truly the real deal. Seven years in the making and the first blend to ever be created, the Tesora is a treasure that consists of the most valuable and complex jewels of coffee.Tesora is the house blend and an awesome example of a smooth, rich, full-bodied coffee, with no acidity or bitterness. A sip of this popular blend will surely make you go MMMMMMMM!!!! If it is your first time visiting Phil’z coffee, we highly recommend you order our Tesora blend. Tesora, A grand representation of our coffee and the way coffee should taste!”


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