As I got more serious about photography and started to view it as more than just a hobby, I did my first ever portrait photoshoot early last year. I was happy with the results, and the subject made it extremely easy for me since he was basically down to do whatever. We went around the Mission to seek out backgrounds, textures, and what not. And below is the outcome.

And this is actually my favorite portrait that I have ever taken of him.

Meals on Wheels Benefit: 23rd Annual Star Chefs and Vintners Gala

Last night my friend invited me to the Meals on Wheels Benefit Gala at the Fort Mason Pavilion. The gala is a benefit for San Francisco’s homebound seniors, and is the organization’s largest fundraiser of the year.  There was a plethora of food and wine (I wish I did care for it), and by the time we got seated for dinner, I was already stuffed. And then after dinner, there was tons of dessert–tables and tables of dessert (my favorite!).  I couldn’t eat anymore!

Funniest moment from the evening: When I was trying to hold my appetizer and take a photo of it. Next thing I know, the food rolled off my plate and I tried to catch it, but I was not quick enough. I stepped away so fast that I couldn’t even watch it hit the floor, and I was praying no one saw me. Of course, some of my friends saw me. Next thing I know, Linh comes up to us and ends up stepping all over the food I dropped with her new heels. As horrible as this may sound . . . I was laughing so freaking hard. I am sorry!

Highlight of the evening: I mean, besides all the food . . . was when a served asked to see my ID when I asked for some wine. I was so flattered. Ha.

It was such a fun evening. Best gala I’ve ever been to! I felt so wealthy at one point, and then so ultra poor during the auction at dinner. Someone bidded 40k for 2 head chefs from Michael Mina’s restaurant to come to his/her home to cook dinner for a guests of 8. Insane. Who are these people!?

An excerpt from Bay Area Bites, “Nancy Oakes of Boulevard will be returning for her 7th year as Gala Chef Chair — it will be her 22nd year participating in the benefit. She will be leading an illustrious line-up of more than 70 of the Bay Area’s finest chefs. Who says too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing?

Among the chefs participating in this year’s gala are: Mourad Lahlou (Aziza), Jeff Banker/Lori Baker (Baker & Banker), Daniel Patterson (Coi), Douglas Keane/Nick Peyton (Cyrus), Jan Birnbaum (Epic Roasthouse), Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water), Chris Cosentino (Incanto), Staffan Terje (Perbacco), Laurence Jossel (Nopa / Nopalito), Richard Reddington (REDD), Charles Phan (The Slanted Door), and Mark Sullivan (Spruce).”

All photos taken with my Canon S90 point and shoot.

Muni, you never fail to entertain me.

Last night after hanging out with my friends in downtown, I rode the muni back home. And it’s always an interesting experience riding back at night because that’s truly when the odd characters venture out. If you live in the city and have to take public transportation, you can most definitely relate.

Anyhow, at this one point, a guy in a red hoodie jumped onto the bus from the back door. The bus driver caught him and kindly asked him to show his bus pass or to get off the bus. He ignored and just say there. A few riders started yelling at him to get off, and he still ignored. Oh great. This isn’t going to be easy! Argh. Anyhow, some lady really got into his face about it, and he finally got up, and started yelling back whereupon, naturally, an argument followed. I thought for sure someone was going to get beaten.

Instead, he got off the bus, and she was still yelling at him, and he held up his hands and formed a finger gun and held it up to her. Just fantastic.

All the while, there was this crack head kid on the bus that kept fidgeting around and kicking. He was definitely on some heavy duty drugs.

And this is why I hate taking the muni at night.