Muni, you never fail to entertain me.

Last night after hanging out with my friends in downtown, I rode the muni back home. And it’s always an interesting experience riding back at night because that’s truly when the odd characters venture out. If you live in the city and have to take public transportation, you can most definitely relate.

Anyhow, at this one point, a guy in a red hoodie jumped onto the bus from the back door. The bus driver caught him and kindly asked him to show his bus pass or to get off the bus. He ignored and just say there. A few riders started yelling at him to get off, and he still ignored. Oh great. This isn’t going to be easy! Argh. Anyhow, some lady really got into his face about it, and he finally got up, and started yelling back whereupon, naturally, an argument followed. I thought for sure someone was going to get beaten.

Instead, he got off the bus, and she was still yelling at him, and he held up his hands and formed a finger gun and held it up to her. Just fantastic.

All the while, there was this crack head kid on the bus that kept fidgeting around and kicking. He was definitely on some heavy duty drugs.

And this is why I hate taking the muni at night.


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