Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.

For the past 1.5 weeks, I travelled to China. I took probably around 2,000 photos so I have quite a bit to sort through and organize. Anyhow, I’m just going to summarize my trip.


  • Getting to scale the Great Wall again, and realizing . . . man, I am really out of shape, but then again, I was carrying about 10lbs of photo equipment, I swear!
  • Going to Xi’an to visit the pits and meeting the farmer that discovered the Terra Cotta Warriors. Amazing.
  • Crossing the crazy no-rules streets of Xi’an, and nearly getting killed because my mom kept hesitating and pulling me back. There is NO GOING BACK; only going forward missy!
  • Becoming meaner and realizing being nice gets me no where. It’s about time I got some of that Chinese culture into me! I’m even more jaded than I was before. Ha.
  • Having no sense of placement. I didn’t have my laptop, the internet, phone, or time with me. I kept asking people what time it was. Ha. I didn’t even know what day it was till I got home to California.
  • Shopping in Shanghai is great! I would blow so much money on clothes here; good thing I don’t live here. Nanjing Road again, please.
  • The nightlife. Always something to do. Always something to see. Dancing on the streets. People everywhere. Stores still open. I hung out at Starbucks in Beijing a lot. I know . . . so American. I have a newfound love for Green Tea Fraps with cream, please.
  • Cheap food. And by cheap, I mean, CHEAP. 5 “dim sum” kabobs for $1.50. Sure!


  • Getting asked to be someone’s hooker in Shanghai. You can’t afford this American, sir!
  • My feet hurting so much by the end of the trip from all the walking we did; I wanted to chop off my legs.
  • Going to the Expo was like going to war. I’ll just leave it at that. By day one, I was done. I can win the battles, but the war has got me beat.
  • Getting mosquito bites on my forehead and arm because I’m allergic to them. They turn into baseballs. At one point, it looked like I had a third elbow. Sexayyy.
  • Rain (or I would like to call it mist) and humidity. No bueno.
  • Human pee or dog pee? That was often the question. Both of them pee on the streets and pedestrian walkways . . .
  • Having to squat. I can do it, but other people don’t know how to and pee everywhere! Pee in the freaking hole damn it so there’s no splatter. And moderately. Learn some physics. Sheesh.
  • Ate a tiny, tiny bird on a dare. It was about 1.5 inches big. I know I’m Asian, and I’m suppose to eat anything and everything without fear, but come on! The bird was so small. 😦 Poor birdie.

That’s it. I’ll post up with some pictures soon, but here’s one for your viewing pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an.

  1. Whaaaa? How did someone randomly approach you to be a hooker?!? But sounds like you had more positive things to say than negatives… I do want to visit the expo before it closes, but what you and others have said about the crowds really scare me..

  2. hooker, eh?!? so how was it ;P
    and a lil’ bird?!? did you take a picture of it?!?
    wait, of course you did… i want to see :$

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