ace wasabi’s rock n’ roll sushi

Saturday Jonas invited me to Ace Wasabi in the Marina for dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant, the owner, Ken, seated us right away and asked us what we wanted to drink. What great service! We snapped some photos first of the dishes that came out, but they were coming out so often that it was hard to take photos and eat at the same time.

Chili Garlic Edamame was delicious. I’m not too crazy about edamame because I think it’s kind of bland, but the chili garlic just made it oh-so-delicious. The sashimi platter melted in my mouth, and it tasted extremely delicious with some soy sauce and the fresh wasabi. The fries were crunchy and tasted great with the homemade dipping sauce. The tuna tataki was absolutely a must order; it’s their signature dish and it’s plentiful in quantity! I’m drooling right now just thinking about it! The Ozzy Roll was great too! And the Firecracker Shrimp was so crunchy, and this works for me because I absolutely love shrimp. The Grilled Calamari Tentacles were good too, but it might be a little “weird” for some people. I’m asian so I’ll eat anything! And lastly, the Lobster Hand Roll and Lobster Roll were plentiful with chunks of lobster! A must order.

All in all, my experience at Ace Wasabi was great. Food was delicious. Service was excellent.

Ace Wasabi’s Rock n’ Roll Sushi
3339 Steiner St
San Francisco, CA 94123


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