eurotrip: london

After a long flight with one stopover in Houston, we had finally made it to London. It felt quite surreal maybe because I was lacking sleep and I felt dizzy. After running around Heathrow, we finally found our bus stop to take us to our hotel. When we got there, I tried to catch a quick cat nap, but the guests in the room next to ours were loud and the walls were thin . . . so I couldn’t even nap.

Our first touristy stop was Hampton Court Palace which had been inhabited by the British family since the 18th century.

Afterwards we went looking for a place to eat at since we were starving. We ended up at The Prince of Wales. The restaurant was pretty empty, and the food was mediocre. John ordered a steak, but he got ham instead? Unless they think steak in London is ham? I doubt it though. After eating, we went back to our hotel to sleep since we had to wake up early to take the train to Paris.

The next morning, we went to the train station only to find out our train had been delayed for 2 hours due to electrical issues. We ended up killing some time at a pricey cafe and taking some photos around the station. It was difficult to kill 2 hours of our time with our luggage and with the train station being so packed since all trains had been delayed.

We eventually got on it though to begin our journey to Paris.


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