eurotrip: paris II

Since the evening was still early, we decided to check out Arc de Triomphe so we could cross that off our list. Anyhow, we had to walk through an underground path in order to get close to the historical monument, and it was difficult finding the entrance to that tunnel. Perhaps we are horrible at following directions though. Anyhow, after snapping a few photos, it started to rain .  . . really hard. We ran back to the underground tunnel, and waited for it to stop raining so hard . . . but the clouds wouldn’t give way. We then decided to make a run for it to the metro . . . and we got soaked. And then we got soaked again when we ran from the metro back to our hotel.

And of course the irony of it all was that it stopped raining after we got out of our wet clothes and showered. Ha. We then decided to head to Latin Quarter to check out the cheap eats and a bit of the nightlife.

Arc de Triomphe
150 Avenue des Champs Elysées
751116 Paris, France

Latin Quarter
5th and parts of the 6th arrondissement of Paris


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