eurotrip: paris VI

On our “supposedly” last day in Paris, we went to the Louvre which houses an extensive collection of paintings where the majority of the works were from royal and confiscated church properties. We weren’t able to see the entire museum unfortunately since we had other things on the agenda.

Afterward we went to drink hot chocolate and dine at Angelina . . . a restaurant where Coco Chanel used to hang back in the day. Kind of awesome. Kind of expensive. And the hot chocolate felt like I was drinking a melted chocolate bar. It was just that rich! If you ever go, I suggest sharing an order with someone. Don’t make the mistake I did! The desserts looked delicious, but I was too stuffed to indulge in any unfortunately!

Afterwards we went in search for chocolates in Paris. We landed at the infamous Patrick Roger after a long walk. The chocolate was ridiculously pricey so we didn’t get any.

On our last night at Paris, of course we had to go do some shopping at the fashion capital of the world. It would be a shame not to, right? We visited the Galeries Lafayette. Designer clothes and brand names galore!

When we got back to the hotel to take a break, we found out our flight to Rome got cancelled for the next day (all flights got cancelled due to a transportation strike in Rome). We freaked for a good amount of time before we hurried up and booked the next available out! Sadly half the group got the next flight out the day after the day we were suppose to leave. One day less in Rome and for the other half, only half a day in Rome. What a bummer, but we made the best of it.

We then splurged on our  dinner in Paris because we had gotten so stressed out.

1 Place André Malraux
75001 Paris, France

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris, France

Patrick Roger 
108 boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris, France

Galeries Lafayette 
PARIS Haussmann
40, blvd Haussmann
75009 Paris, France


eurotrip: paris V

We ended our evening visiting the the Centre Pompidou (Museum), and we just so happened to go on a free day! Score! Save some money there. The traveling exhibition was packed, and the line was horrific so we skipped out on that and checked out the permanent collections. I think this is my favorite modern art museum I’ve visited thus far! It was fun to explore, and the architecture was so amazing.

After spending a few hours there, we dined at a nearby restaurant and called it a night since we had been out the entire day.

Centre Pompidou
75004 Paris (Centre Pompidou)

eurotrip: paris IV

After walking past the Latin Quarters again, we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral. The line to get in was quick. I remember studying this during one of my art history classes at state, and it’s pretty amazing to finally be able to see it in person, I have to admit. The one term I remembered was flying buttress, and yes, I got to see many of those here. And of course, once inside, the stained glass windows took my breathe away.

Outside there were a crowd of tourists feeding the birds which was pretty entertaining as well. Next up, we visited the Centre Pompidou (Pompidou Museum), but that’ll be in the next entry because it’s getting late now, and I have to get to sleep!