eurotrip: finale

We flew from Rome to London, and got back to London around midnight or so. We were tired! We stayed at the other Sheraton in London which was way nicer than the first one we stayed at. The beds felt like heaven!

The next day, we got up kind of late and missed the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace! We decided to dine at an “Argentinian” restaurant for lunch. The food was okay. I wouldn’t go back there. Ha!

After a few sprinkles, we made our way to Buckingham Palace. It doesn’t look that big, but the property was deep. Not much to see here to our dismay since tourists aren’t allowed inside. Afterwards we went to the London Eye and walked around. Tons of tourists here; we had a funnel cake and I think I spilled my melted ice-cream on someone’s jacket. I quickly walked away and pretended I didn’t do it because I’m classy like that.

Of course we couldn’t leave London without having some good ole fish and chips at a pub. How stereotypical right? And yes, it was delicious. Next to our table were a group of British students, and I could listen to their accents all day!

I had a great time in Europe! Wish I had more time to explore some other countries, but I’ll save that for my next trip out whenever that may be!


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