san francisco

Saturday we went to the Ferry Building and explored their weekly Saturday farmer’s market. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so it was quite packed. A little too packed! I really wanted to try the infamous Roli Roti food truck, but the line was ridiculously long.

Jonas picked us from the Ferry Building to have a late brunch (or would that be called lunch) at The Butler and the Chef Bistro in South Park of SOMA. It was my first time in the area, and I love it! I always knew San Francisco had their several neighborhoods with their own personality, but this place made me feel like I wasn’t even in SOMA anymore! South Park is a petite area with a park in the center.

While we were waiting outside for our table, the owner chatted it up with us. He’s a middle-aged French guy who obviously had been in San Francisco for a while and had been in the South Park area for quite some time. He gave us a run down of the history; he informed us that the South Park used be an exclusive, wealthy neighborhood with a handful of mansions. And across the street lives the artist who is best known for his Marlboro Man work. Not sure if it’s true or not, but it was a good story!

Once we were seated, we ordered the:
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
Niman Ranch Ham Eggs Benedict
Myrtilles Belgian Waffles (with Bananas)

The portions were pretty large! The Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict was delicious; they put it on fresh, toasted bread with generous slices of smoked salmon. On the side was a salad with light dressing. I tasted the Niman Ranch Ham Eggs Benedict, and normally I don’t even like ham, but this was pretty delicious. The Belgian Waffles was delicious too. I’d like to head back here sometime soon to try other things off of their menu!

For dinner, we decided to try a new ramen spot in the Mission called Ken Ken Ramen. I got the Miso Ramen. I didn’t think this place was bad at all; the noodles weren’t overcooked so it was chewy, I got two generous portions of meat, and the veggies were a nice touch; however, the soup was way too salty!

Jonas got pearl tea from Boba Guys at the bar, which is created by two guys who use organic ingredients to create the pearl tea. The milk tea was delicious, but the boba wasn’t so fantastic; all the pearls stuck together because it was so overcooked! Also, $4 for boba mllk tea is a bit steep in my opinion.

Ferry Building Marketplace
1 Ferry Bldg
San Francisco, CA 94111

The Butler & The Chef Bistro
155A S Park St
(at 3rd St)
San Francisco, CA 94107

Ken Ken Ramen
3378 18th St
(between Capp St & Mission St)
San Francisco, CA 94110


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