brian’s birthday

We celebrated Brian’s birthday before his actual birthday this year. Things have been a little hectic this month with me finding a new home since work decided to move to SOMA, but of course I made time to celebrate his birthday with him!

We started off with lunch in Foster City at Pho New Saigon. How can I say no to pho? I seriously think that ever since I moved into Foster City back in October, I’ve had pho about 1-2 times a week. My options are pretty limited around where I work in San Mateo, unfortunately! I’m not complaining though; I like this pho place. They are quick, friendly, and clean.

Afterwards, we hit up Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39! I used my Cantonese to order us a batter of fried shrimp…all for about $11! Not bad! They gave us a crapload. And then of course we had to get some infamous Trish’s Mini Donuts. Made fresh, always. And oh so delicious.

We left to go to Japantown, but got there too early for our dinner reservations. We killed some time at  YakiniQ Cafe. I just love the interior design of this cute cafe. And the drinks are pretty good here too!

To celebrate his birthday in style, we dined at Bushi-Tei! It is a delicious Japanese French restaurant. We got seated on the 2nd floor where we could overlook the petite restaurant. We both got the omakase and the food was pretty delicious. I got stuffed quickly!

Thanks again to Helen + Deric for the certificate!

And if you’re wondering what I got him for his Birthday…3 Star Wars prints from Christopher Lee of The Beast Shoppe. They are now hanging proudly in his living room.


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