day 1: tokyo, japan

We headed to the San Jose Airport at around 5am for our 6:40am flight out. Thank god for my odd sleeping schedule because waking up at that time wasn’t an issue at all! We had a short layover in Los Angeles before we landed at Narita International Airport. As soon as we go through customs, we got our JR Pass to ride the rail to Tokyo Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku.

After checking into our hotel and taking a quick break, we made our way to Tokyu Hands’ flagship store before it closed! The dyi/hobbies store was crazy big; I can’t quite recall, but there must have been at least 7 floors to explore. This place would be heaven for the artsy, crafty people.

Afterwards we went to the Tokyu Food Show where Brian felt extremely overwhelmed! Lots of food and lots of people! We picked up dinner there and then realized there was no place to eat it! It’s not common in Tokyo for people to eat on the streets.

To end our evening, we went to check out the infamous Shibuya Crossing. Was it as amazing as it has been portrayed in movies like Lost in Translation? I would say so, but I can imagine it being crazier if there were more people. Hence this photo will come later in my entries.

When we got back to our hotel, there was this couple having sex across the way from our hotel. Ha! I thought we were staying next to a love hotel for a second there, but alas it was just a couple having sex.


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