day 3: tokyo, japan

A wandering day, I would label this. Since the Tuna Auction area was closed to the public at the Tsukiji Fish Market, we didn’t need to head out at 4am to be one of those lucky 150 people that would have the opportunity to see the event. We ended up heading out later into the morning to get some sushi for breakfast. It sounds odd, but this was one of the best meals I ended up having in Japan.

Shops after shops pave the way to our eating destination, and of course, it was packed with people. No surprise there. As we got to what I assume to be the tuna auction area, naturally there was a strong fishy odor. Nothing I’m not used to since my parents used to drag me to San Francisco’s Chinatown often when I was an adolescent.

We picked a random spot to eat at since the two popular restaurants I had on my list of eats had an intense line (Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi); I heard the wait on average is about 2-3 hours. Once inside the restaurant, we scooted our way to our seat. It’s a petite spot with only about about 10-15 counter seats. It was nice and cozy, and by that I mean . . . so cozy that hit a few people on the way to my seat; I was more careful when exiting though.

The portions were surprisingly large for the amount we paid. Definitely cannot get that back at home. Also, they gave us a generous amount of uni and last time I had uni, I didn’t have fond memories. This time wasn’t any different and I felt so terrible leaving some behind.

After we finished, I took some pictures of the exterior of the restaurant so if I’m ever back in Japan, I’ll remember this was the spot where I had delicious sashimi. As I was putting my camera away, I noticed a ridiculously good-looking, fashionable couple next to me and I whispered my analysis to my boyfriend. They must have heard me because the next thing I knew, the man turned to us and said, “Excuse me, but do you know what uni is?” DAMN IT. I thought they were foreigners (as in, didn’t speak English). So embarrassing . . .

Afterwards we visited Kokyo Higashi Gyoen (Imperial Palace Garden) where there wasn’t much to see. I wish I had skipped this one.

After killing some time there, we headed to Ginza to meet up with Jonas. Since the palace was so boring, we ended up showing up a little early, but didn’t want to go too far from our meeting spot since Jonas didn’t have wifi! Ha.

We wandered around a little and decided to find a cafe to rest at. The first one we found looked a bit overpriced, so we found a random one called Berry Cafe which happened to be on the 7th floor. With a cheesy name like that, we thought we couldn’t go wrong! When we got to the 7th floor, we were in for a surprise. It was hands down the fanciest dessert place I have ever set foot in. And later on during our trip, we found out our petite slice of fruit pie wasn’t overpriced at all (around $10); in fact, fruits in Japan are just ridiculous pricey.

We tried to find a spot to eat for dinner and ended up walking from Ginza to Shibuya, which isn’t that far of a distance…but it feels like walking for miles when my feet were aching! Haha I finally ended up getting some decent shots at the crossing since it was busier than when I first visited. We found some random restaurant near the crossing, it wasn’t too shabby. The menu was in Japanese so we took pictures of the food display and showed our waiter. πŸ™‚


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