day 4: kyoto, japan

Rise and shine. Kyoto here we come! We woke up bright and early in order to check into APA Villa Hotel Kyoto-Ekimae and to make it to our mandatory tour at Kyoto Imperial Palace. On the JR Rail, we passed by Mt. Fuji and I snapped a few quick photos before taking my cat nap. It’s so comfortable sleeping on the rail; wish airplanes were this comfortable!

We dropped off our things at the hotel and made it to our tour just in time. It was a little bit of a rush, but good thing the palace was only a short walk from the subway station. I don’t remember anything from this tour because I was busy taking pictures . . . great listener I am!

After our tour, we went to the Nishiki Market, which is a long, covered street with cheap eats, souvenirs, etc. This is where, for the first time, I ordered food from a machine. I obviously couldn’t read Japanese so I randomly picked one of them. Ha.

Our hotel for one night because we had changed our plans somewhat last minute and added an additional day to Kyoto and our ryokan was fully booked, sadly.

After we rested for a little bit back at our hotel, we hit up Pontocho which is this ancient alleyway packed with bars, clubs, restaurants, karaoke and Geisha tea houses. A perfect place to spot Geishas! This alleyway was awesome . . . it was extremely narrow and just had so much character to it.


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