day 8: osaka, japan

Entry written by boyfriend; photos by me.

Himeji- Or as the ticket guy said, Himeiji.  Hey, I may have said it incorrectly, but the stupid book says He-meh-gee so sue me.

Himeji… is closed for the most part.  Don’t go, stay away, caution-closed.  Well not closed, but most of the main tower is covered because of the multi-year restoration that’s currently happening.  That being said, we saw no one working on it.  Oh, one nice thing is that they have an awesome waffle ice cream sandwich vending machine.

So as exciting as Himeji was we decided to head back to Osaka and explore the shopping arcades at a time when they’re not closing.  I know it’s exciting to see all of the solicitors going home, but its infinitely watching them hassle people and tourists.

A few things I recommend trying in Osaka: kushikatsu and Pablo’s “cheesecake.”

I don’t know who Pablo is, but he trained the staff there to make fine cheesecake.  They make a pretty good spectacle out of it as well.  Yes it’s a 30 minute line, but you will see the steps of making the cheesecakes along the way when you pass along the front windows.  Its entertainment and good photo opportunity as you decide how many you should buy.

If you love fried food (and who the hell doesn’t?!) then kushikatsu is the thing for you.  Ordering a beer is also advised because they’ll give you the weirdest look if you don’t.  Anyways kushikatsu is basically fried stuff on a stick that you dip in what my girlfriend calls “community sauce.”  No double dipping!  How do you get more sauce?  Oh, with the complimentary cabbage (note, its for getting extra sauce and not an appetizer).


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