Hong Kong: Day 4

Entry written by my husband and me so it’s going to sound like we have split personalities! 🙂

We headed over to Causeway Bay early and walked around Pacific Place to kill some time. This is a 4-level shopping mall that has more high-end shops.

Afterwards we met up with our friends at Island Shangri-La’s Cafe Too for a seafood lunch buffet. This was one of the best buffets I’ve ever had besides some of the popular ones in Vegas, of course. If you decide to give this spot a try, I recommend making reservations in advance since they seem to get pretty packed quickly. The seafood and dessert stations were my favorite.

After stuffing our faces, we parted ways with our friends and went to visit Time Square, which was decked out with holiday decor. I loved it.

For dinner, we waited in line for about 15 minutes to dine at Wing Kee Noodle. The portions are smallish, but the flavour is gigantic… just like this plate of fish skin a certain someone ordered! Yum. Went well with the beef noodle soup where you actually can pick the type of noodles and toppings you’d want. Pretty amazing!

To end the night, we had to ride on the Hong Kong Tramways aka. the Ding Ding.  Had too because we were exhausted and why not?  Super cheap. It’s a double decker tram and the one of the earliest forms of public transportation in the city. This amazing trolly goes from west to east, then east to west, and then west to east again!

Afterwards Jen demanded dun dan, so we got dun dan at.  If you ever want to see unfriendly looking people serve you food, well you can go to any restaurant in Hong Kong for that.  BUT, if you want great dun dan with your unfriendly looking  people (they’re pretty nice though), go to the Australian Dairy Company. It’s the best dun dan we’ve ever had.


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