Hong Kong: Day 6

This day will live in infamy as the day we traversed the sea in search of Portuguese daan tat (seeing as there really wasn’t must else over there for us).  If you thought Hong Kong was tiny, you haven’t been to Macau.  Though if you thought your favorite casino was big then you’ve also never been to Macao.

First of all, I will say that you should go to Macao.  It’s a magical place where all of your dreams will come true for ticket scalpers.  Those fuckers buy every last ferry ticket and then have the nerve to stand next to the actual ticket booth telling you that ferries are sold out for the next four hours.  I hear Macau also might be good for gambling.

As usual we took up most of the table space with food.  Best thing about Hong Kong and Macao is how well people share tables.  I can’t count the number of times here where someone, usually a bored spouse, will listen in on our conversation or stare.  Hong Kong/Macau?  Nothing, avoid eye contact, have YOUR OWN conversation.

Here we had their famous congee among other tasty looking delicacies like xoxo noodles!

Old Macau, really old Macao exists as a historic church façade where people pay their respects with selfie sticks.  A lot of selfie sticks.  I don’t think I can even express how many selfie sticks we saw that day.

Casinos.  They weren’t as cool as they looked.  They did have Portuguese daan tat so I can’t complain.  I will complain about a  mysterious VIP having to take a piss and closing down the only bathroom within a 10 minute walk.

Seng Cheong Restaurant
28-30 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Koi Kei Bakery
46-50 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Honeymoon Dessert
Galaxy Macau Resort
Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Macau

Lord Stow’s Bakery and Cafe
The Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian Level 3 Unit 2119a